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About us

WOODYSCOVERY has been successfully operating since the year 2000 in the market of logistics services, warehousing and customs clearance services.

The company’s office and warehouse complex are located 3 km from the port of Muuga, close to Tallinn Airport and in close proximity to all major highways.

This is convenient for storage and consolidation of transit cargo in the west-east, east-west directions by road, rail, sea and air transport.

WOODYSCOVERY – Member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Customs warehouse

WOODYSCOVERY offers a full range of warehousing services, including consolidation of cargoes weighing from 1 kg, formation of groupage cargoes, labelling and marking, storage of oversized cargo.

Characteristics of the customs warehouse:
  • Useful area of the warehouse – 3500 m2, open area for cargo storage – 2000 m2
  • Warehouse capacity – 6000 pallets
  • Warehouse height – 12 m
  • Possibility of manual and mechanized loading and unloading – 8 units of equipment
  • Rack storage capability
  • Possibility of storage of oversized cargo
  • Controlled temperature – not lower than 12 degrees
  • Availability of video surveillance and technical security

Customs clearance

WOODYSCOVERY provides a full range of customs clearance services.

Customs clearance services:
  • Placement at the Customs warehouse – IM7
  • Release into free circulation – IM4
  • Change of ownership of cargo placed in a customs warehouse
  • Temporary storage at the customs terminal (up to 90 days)
  • T1 transit declarations
  • T2L declarations
  • Filling in declarations for the destruction of cargo under customs supervision IM51
  • We have the status of an authorized consignee
  • We have the status of an authorized shipper
  • EX1 export declarations by proxy from the sender
  • EX3 Re-Export declarations
Useful links:

Check Transit (using MRN)
Check Export (using MRN)

Forwarding and logistics

WOODYSCOVERY provides a full range of services in the field of transport logistics and freight forwarding.

Logistics services:
  • Multimodal transportation around the world
  • Full door-to-door delivery service
  • Transit transportation of goods in the EU
  • Delivery of consignments from anywhere in the world
  • Dropshipping
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for further transportation of cargo
  • Assistance in cargo insurance

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